Project Gallery

This dark and dreary kitchen was given a new lease on life with an updated layout, professional grade appliances, and a whole new color palette; taking this rustic kitchen into the next century. While the original kitchen wasn't that old, there were clear issues with its layout and overall functionality. Upon meeting, the client requested re-orientating the island towards the view, relocating the range away from seated guests, and somehow achieving a larger sink. Upon the designers' proposal, the center island was rotated to capitalize on views and now incorporates a lowered section for prep and a raised display case; topped with a locally sourced wood slab. A new, slim-lined refrigerator permitted the range to be relocated to the same exterior wall; moving the grease and mess away from seated guests. Upper cabinets were replaced with sleek, floating shelves that overlap the windows to maximize storage and display. This modern detail is complimented by the black, studded backsplash tile that adds a dramatic effect when juxtaposed against the knotty alder cabinetry. The original sink was removed from the corner; opening up counter space next to the range and dedicating an entire section for clean-up and sink prep. The new 42" sink includes two filtered faucets and has all the bells and whistles any fisher woman would fawn over. Lighting conditions were improved by removing the wood clad ceiling and adding pendant and recessed lighting. Leather upholstered stools and a traditional rug soften the space a bit, while adding color.