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The designers were presented with the challenge of transforming a generic home built in the eighties into an old farmhouse, enriched with history and architectural detail. Fortunately, the designers and their clients all grew up on farms located across the country and were able to share stories and memories of their old family homesteads. Recollections of architectural details, colors, textures, and lighting were all discussed throughout extensive meetings; however, it was up to the designers to infuse these details into the current architecture void of any character. The process of injecting this house with traditional features of a historical home and the amenities of a modern home became quite the balancing act but was superbly achieved by BCI.

The foyer’s unique flooring pattern serves as the primary feature of the entire home. The client’s extensive collection of antique baskets became the main inspiration for the circular pattern; once the designer turned a basket upside down and noticed the concentric weaving. The 150 year old reclaimed flooring was soon carried throughout the entire home that incorporated an extensive kitchen remodel that now includes a separate Butler’s Pantry, a new two-story stone clad fireplace, and custom furnishings and vintage rugs throughout to achieve chic farmhouse design!